Abang and Adik are angels of Encik Kamil and Cik Puan Kamil.

Thursday, June 03, 2010


Going down this morning, I heard Adik crying.


Abang was pacing the kitchen and she was tearfully following her brother, at one point trying to get hold of his shirt.

“What is wrong ni ?”

“Adik ni… Dia kata dia tak nak saya so saya nak pergi lah ! I am running away !”

“Abang… janganlah… I’m sorry !! Please don’t go anywhere….” She cried.

“Welll…. You said you don’t like me lah, you don’t want me here lah.. So okay lah. I AM going !”

Adik wailed louder, trying to grasp a bit of him.

He hehehehehehe….

Abang dengan sombongnya stropped around the kitchen, arms folded, head high.

“I am so sorry Abang… Please don’t go….”

Ya Allah siannya… Abang had started leaving trail tracks from his pacings.

“No… I want to go !” He insisted forcefully.

Hmm… Sombongnya….. I have to put a stop to that.

“Okay lah… you really want to go ? I sned you now lah. Have you packed your bags?”

Tersentak jugak dia. He then smiled sheepishly and said, “Takde lah.. saya saje je….”

Tahu pun. There is a limit to everything. Even when teaching your sister.

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